Why RI?
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Amazing technology, yes; but our people make the difference.

Dedicated to personalized customer service
A privately held healthcare information management company founded in 1995 and based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our business was built on this principle: that in this high-speed, data-rich environment we all work in, personalized customer service will be our trademark.

Our technology is unparalleled. We use high-speed connections and encrypted data transfers to securely route your notes to our highly skilled medical linguists nationwide – giving you the fastest, most accurate turnaround in the industry. But the real pride of our business is our team, a group of people intensely dedicated to customer satisfaction. As our client, you will always connect directly to a professional who knows your account, understands your needs and can give quick, accurate answers. We’re your partner in making your job of patient care easier, more streamlined and more profitable.
Safeguarding patient privacy.
We’re committed to providing the utmost in privacy and security for the personal health information (PHI) that is shared with us. To ensure that our policies and procedures meet the most rigorous client standards, we go beyond the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements pertaining to a “Business Associate.” For more information, please read our HIPAA Statement
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