Why RI?
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Cutting-edge speech recognition technology.

What you say is what you get.
In order for it to be a value-added component of the transcription process for our clients, we believe speech recognition should achieve three goals. It must: 1) save time, 2) save money, and 3) not disrupt the physician's workflow.

Toward that end, we utilize a cutting-edge “batch processing” digital dictation server that “listens” to the given speech file multiple times, just like a real medical transcriptionist. Using a database of thousands of terms and phrases, your dictation is then converted into text, based on the phonetics of your speech and the contextual meaning derived from your medical specialty.

Next, the speech server provides our transcriptionist with a draft of the dictation. The transcriptionist then reviews, edits, and sends this document to an editor for final approval, before sending it back to you. This process ensures the same exceptional accuracy you normally receive from RI, but with faster turnaround and greater cost-effectiveness.

Our clients can take advantage of this existing technology. Rest assured that with RI, all of your notes – regardless of how they are processed – will come back in the same format and all will carry our accuracy guarantee.
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