Why RI?
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Onlivia™ – the #1 name in online note viewing.

Review, edit and sign notes – Fast and Secure.
Since we launched this service in 1999, Onlivia™ has processed millions of patient encounters, giving physician groups a reliable, state-of-the-art online tool with which to view and share information.

Onlivia offers healthcare providers a platform that makes accessing online notes fast, easy, effective and secure. Beyond regular dictation, Onlivia can capture problem lists, drug lists and provider comments directly online.

Got Internet access? Then you can get Onlivia!
All you need is Internet access to securely review, edit, and sign all of your dictation. You can even review charts and data from patients seen by other providers in your organization, improving your ability to provide exceptional care regardless of where your personnel are located.

Unlike many EMRs and other online viewing products, Onlivia requires no additional hardware or software for most of our clients. If your organization currently utilizes an EMR, Onlivia can easily interface with your existing technology. Plus, by incorporating Onlivia into your medical records department, you can give referring providers access to vital information without waiting for a courier or fax, or risking the loss of information in transit.

Ready to test it out?
Click here to view a demonstration of Onlivia's features or try it for yourself!
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